Our consultants are happy to help and guide you through the whole digital transformation journey. With our technical expertise and working flexibility we strive for customer success.


Business analysis of existing digital infrastructure and advisory on CRM strategy and implementation

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Successfully completing your digital transformation depends in no small part on truly understanding your needs and current business processes and systems. At Flexentric, our CRM and IT experts can help you define the best strategies and processes to make sure your digital transformation happens efficiently and effectively. Within this we offer three core services:

1. Business Analysis:

At the start of your digital transformation, Flexentric experts complete a thorough analyses to understand your business and current processes in place. We evaluate your customer journeys, assess your existing IT systems and analyses your company growth strategy. A thorough business analyses is foundational pillar to avoid implementing solutions for the ‘wrong’ problem or solutions that don’t quite fit in your organization.

2. Advisory:

On the basis of the business analyses, and always in close consultation with our customers, we formulate key priorities, must-have CRM functionality, and help you define a clear CRM strategy for the future. We believe your digital transformation should not be seen as an independent item, but rather in a more holistically in line with your wider company goals and objectives.

3. Action plan:

After establishing your core priorities, wants and needs, Flexentric helps you define a clear and executable action plan. The action plan considers your internal resource and systems and is aimed at completing the project in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


Corporate training for end users, analysts, developers and system administrators

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Implementing new digital tools will only truly be effective if your team is adequately trained in its use and the change management process is managed correctly. That’s why Flexentric offers a comprehensive corporate training and change management program aimed specifically at: 1) ensuring your team has the knowledge and ability to make full use of Creatio’s powerful capabilities, and 2) Creatio is adopted quickly and easily within the organization.

Our corporate training program consists of onsite tailored trainings with our professionals, guided user-case examples, and test assignments.


Initial setup, data migration, customization and integrations with other software solutions

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Flexentric helps you get your CRM up and running in no time. We aim to help you implement and integrate Creatio CRM customized specifically to your business. We offer three related services:

1. Install:

First thing first, we help you install Creatio in your organization and populate the CRM with your existing data. Creatio can be installed in the cloud or onsite.

2. Customize:

After installation, we tailor make CRM solutions for your sales, marketing and customer service needs. This can range from automating different aspects of your business functions (e.g. sending invoices or emails) to setting up dashboards and analytics.

3. Integrate:

A core element of adequately setting up your CRM will be to make sure it is adequately connected with your existing IT infrastructure such as your ERP system. As experts in the Creatio software and with wide years of experience, Flexentric helps you integrate Creatio quickly and smoothly.


Premium support for all CRM and related queries. Extra consultations and custom development

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To assist you with any ongoing process changes or any technical issues which may arise, Flexentric offers a premium support program. Our program consists of timely problem resolution, quarterly trainings on Creatio program updates and ongoing support on an as needed basis.

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